Immerse yourself in the Draa valley and the Sahara desert

What to do in Agdz ?

  • Pottery lessons
  • Donkey ride in the Agdz palm grove

We can organize activities à la carte, according to your desires ....

Transform your trip for a rewarding stay.

Apart from the activities organized on request, during his stay, the visitor will remain autonomous in his approach to discover the surroundings. All transfer requests and other special services are carried out under certain conditions. Consult us.

Activities and outings proposed by Riad Tabhirte

Craft Workshop

We suggest you meet a potter or weaving workshop and practice these activities.

Cooking courses

Learn the secrets of a good tagine or the art of making Moroccan cupcakes, another way to discover culture.

Tour in the old Ksar of Agdz

Old cities still inhabited, Ksours are the most impressive heritage of the Drâa Valley. We invite you for a discovery tour of the history and soul of Ksar Agdz, located on the edge of our guest house.

Walk in the palm grove

Huge garden of cultures and place of life, the palm plantation has always occupied a large place in the heart of all the inhabitants of the Drâa Valley. growing date palms and gardens is an essential income for people. We accompany you for a walk on the trails of this palm to discover the diversity of crops and agricultural practices.

Camel ride

A unique experience at the gateway to the desert. At the pace of camel walking, these large spaces invade you. After having savored the sunset so particular to the desert, the night in bivouac announces itself under the immensity of a starry sky.

Mule hike

Along a path full of wonders, we accompany you for a day of hiking 14 km A / R, along the wadi Drâa and the palm grove.