The riad Tabhirte is an integrated and responsible development tool

Our solidarity projects in Agdz

Crédit Photo : tjabeljan (CC BY 2.0)
  • Palmeraie du Drâa

Riad Tabhirte is conceived as a development project.

Hussein has been for several years carrying projects with the association of village development and external partners.

This approach gave birth to the guest house Riad Tabhirte, for a space of meetings and solidarity exchanges.

A concept aiming at protecting heritage and environment

Restore an old building is a patient work which requires consideration and imagination. We have opted for installations saving water resources and for non-polluting product use. In the future, the guest house equipment in solar energy solaire should provide hot water.

Associated solidarity-based projects taking into account local realities and respect of populations

The heritage and the local culture are reliable values and stability elements for man life. The enhance of their value, associated to economical development projects, leads to the essential balance for a life quality of local populations. Thus each opportunity for us to participate to small local financings (mosque restoration or local association project support) is a sustainable impact action, by asserting the identity and the will of the approach of Riad tabhirte and of populations.

    Ethical choices

    Conscious about the local environmental and cultural realities, we have made choices to offer "a different welcome place".

    Environment respectful fittings-out

    To fit with these ideas, we wanted to offer « an alternative for a different welcome place» and to allow our guests to enjoy a stay in this region in conditions very comfortable and simple in the same time.

    Landscaping the Riad garden has thus been favoured to the detriment of a swimming-pool installation. Water is a particularly sensible resource in the moroccan south, essential to man and to agriculture. We could not consider its utilization in this context.

    The moroccan south is a hot region and the traditional pisé house (clayish soil and straw) is already a thoughtfuld adaptation to the subsaharan climate. The air-conditioning equipment did not seem essential to us knowing that this represents a source of energy consumption whose negative impact on the environment is very topical.

    For a social exchange quality

    We maintain respectful links with the local population, that's why : « Don't encourage child begging which represents a negative influence on their behaviour and their way to see you as a tourist. You don't help them out ! You should know that to get some sweetes, pens or dirhams they won't go to school preferring to watch out for tourists. » "Smiles or a few words are better than a few sweetes". The child will be conscious that the tourist has maybe something else to offer him.....

    Because it has become a real problem, region's teachers are already trying to make children aware about this thing.

    A state of mind to enhance the sharing out

    Do you come to have a stay in Tabhirte ? We encourage you to come with a product of your region or country. Then it will be our turn to offer you one of our local typical product. With these exchanges, everyone lives a discovery and the pleasure of sharing out.

    All of our choices correspond to our way to see links between man of different cultures and to see the tourism impact on a country and its environment.

    Far from the purely commercial preoccupations, we prefer to favour the respect of human and natural environment, to enhance the value of the built and cultural heritage, to encourage meetings, exchanges and discoveries and to offer an alternative to another kind of tourism.

    We are not the ones today with this approach. That's why we try to set up, with other places of welcome and initiative of this kind, a network gathering the whole of these protagonists carrying out projects whose ethic relies on the reception and the awareness of a responsible, solidarity-based and fair tourism.