Pass on to you their love for southern Morocco

Riad Tabhirte's team

Meet the team

Hussein has this will to make you discover and to share his love for the moroccan south, to bring his contribution to local development with his approach and projects, and to offer a «different» welcome place where conviviality, exchanges and meetings are the secrets of this delightful culture mix.

Meet Riad Tabhirte's team


Hussein was born is the Drâa valley and is a fervent defender of a responsible tourism. After studying at the Marrakech University he came back to his region, convinced that his future would be in the Drâa valley by participating to the rural tourism development. Keen on traditional architecture he has undertaken a long project of restoration of his village's Kasbah in partnership with the village development association and external partners. Since several years he has been accompanying solidarity-based travels and he has been locally implied in all the actions aiming at developing the rural and responsible tourism.

Najat & Souad

Najat is the cook, but also they can welcome you and make you visit the garden or she looks for her vegetable with a lot of smile; Najat has training in rural tourism.

Souad is Najate's right hand, she helps in the kitchen where she takes care of serving you meals and cleaning is a good team together.